Tiger - Reference Base

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Tiger - Reference Base

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PSD Files with Lines in Layers for you to paint and create your own Tiger!

Go crazy with this base, paint, draw, do marks, clothes, armors, scars, let your imagination run wild!

πŸ”³ The Layers are Pre colored! You just need to change the colors as you want.

πŸ”³ Software compatibility Photoshop, Procreate, Clip Studio Paint, Krita, PaintTool SAI, Gimp.

βœ… What you can do with this base

  • Make any personal use you want;

  • Commission an artist to paint the base for you;

  • Make and sell adoptables using the base, but if you do, so please make sure to credit me.

❌ What you can't do with this base

  • Resell the line art itself or the PSD;

  • Create and sell a product in any kind of marketplace;

  • Take any part of this Base and use it to sell products in any kind of marketplace;

  • Distribute this Base to others;

  • Use in any kind of NFT project.

πŸ”³ By Purchasing this product you agree to these terms above.

 This is not a Vector Art, The lines may contain a Pencil texture on them

 All my Bases are SFW.

Coloring example:

I want this!

a Zip File with:14 PSDs, 2 JPGs, Read me.txt

7500 x 8000 px 300dpi each
Poses Medium PSD
3750 x 4000 px 300dpi each
Poses Small PSD
1875x 2000 px 300dpi each
Example PSD (Front Pose)
3700 x 3800 px 300dpi
Portraits BIG PSD
6000 x 6000 px 300dpi each
Portraits Medium PSD
3000 x 3000 px 300dpi each
Portraits Small PSD
1500 x 1500 px 300 dpi each
Number Layers
Front Pose: 31; Back Pose: 17; Portrait 01: 11; Portrait 02: 10


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